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You don’t need to be the BEST – you just need to be DIFFERENT.

I am different, but perhaps not in the way the article suggests.

I have always been ‘a little out there’, quirky, ‘vibrant’, however I am honest and genuine. At an interview, this is unfortunately my downfall.

It is very difficult to know what a recruiter is really looking for. Each interview is different. Each company has a different kind of culture. Even after doing my research on a particular business, I seem to fail.

To me ‘different’ is good. I bring diversity to the business. What do others think?

This article is courtesy of via Susan BoyleGaurav Mudgal

Department Head – Materials (Raw and Packaging) development and supply, India/Middle-East/Africa at Procter and Gamble

“You don’t need to be the BEST – you just need to be DIFFERENT”.

This one line has such a strong hidden message. To test this live, I asked a question to people in my surrounding, “What if you are a recruiter and you have 10 people to pick from. There is one who is BEST among the crowd and one is who is DIFFERENT than rest of them. Whom will you select?”.. Everyone answered the same which is exactly same that you are thinking at this moment.. Picking up the one who is DIFFERENT than others.

Irony is everyone who apply for a job or has a job, wants to excel in it, want to do as a Pro as if he/she is the best. But seems like to key to Shine or get noticed is somewhere else. You need to be DIFFERENT. To me it means, if you are applying for an interview, you need to show case your experience which proves that you are different than others who have applied. It means, if you are doing a job in your work, think before you act. Think how you can do this differently.
Look at problem differently vs. how everyone else sees it. The moment we start to have this perspective of being different, you will see you are making a difference in your organization and to people life. And once you have such experiences of being different, you will by default come out as a person who is different than others during any interview or during interactions that you will have with people.

Thank you Susan for helping me click this simple yet powerful idea.

Enjoy being different!