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Using Art to Heal Your Soul and Grow Your Business

Using Art to Heal the Souls and Grow Your Business


Sarah Leonard, Auric Artist and Creativity Coach


I am a creative business owner and artist. I run my business from home, combining private music lessons with my arty pursuits. I am happy and content and able to create my own schedule and dance to the beat of my own drum. It’s fantastic!

It wasn’t always this way for me though. It has taken me some time to get where I am now, and it has not been a simple and straightforward path.

I used to be a successful professional teacher in a seaside town. I had been given promotions in my job and had a lovely flat by the sea to call my own. I knew that I should have been on cloud 9 at that point in my life. Everything (on paper at least) was going great!

But deep down inside, trouble was brewing.

I was unhappy, stressed and burned out. I ended up being totally blindsided by a severe depression. I had hit rock bottom, and I didn’t know how to recover from that at all.

The answer to my prayers came from a very unexpected place: art. 

I had never been good at art (or so I thought). I couldn’t draw, I didn’t have a “natural talent” and therefore was nothing like an artist should be. Artists are messy hippies who live in garrets aren’t they?!!

But art was my saviour nonetheless.

It gave me so much more than pretty pictures to hang in my home.

It gave me space, confidence, resilience, and the strength to carry on even when things were looking extremely bleak for me.

I know that if art can do this for me, it can do it for you too.

Letting art into your life would be perfect for you if ….

  1. You find it hard to make time for yourself. Art is an enjoyable way of creating space for yourself. It kind of forces you (without you realising it) into making space and time.
  2. You long for a calmer life but don’t know how to achieve it. Start doodling daily and you’ll soon see a difference in your levels of calm.
  3. You have a nagging feeling that something is missing but you don’t know what. You should be content and happy, but something is off. Art can help you explore your thoughts and feelings in a stress-free and non-judgmental way.
  4. You are trying to manifest a beautiful business but keep getting stuck. If your days are filled with busy work, how can you expect anything to manifest for you? There’s no space for it to come to you! Art gives you that space – sitting at a painting table for a while allows your souls self to step forward and make space to manifest all of your business desires.

If you are looking for some help to get started with creativity then feel free to head over to my website aatlikecuriosity.com

There is so much over there to help inspire you – from blog posts to art-casts to journaling videos. You can also join my free Curious Library and grab yourself some mini ECourses, Creative Challenges and more! I have gorgeous ECourses to help unlock your inner creative magic and a wonderful creative community called The Curiously Gorgeous Sisterhood to whet your appetite too.

Have a wonderful day lovelies!

Sarah Leonard

Auric Artist and Creativity Coach