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The Importance of a Covering Letter and CV/Resume for Mature Workers

Courtesy of Mature Job Search http://www.maturejobsearch.com.au/

There is no doubt that the internet has improved our lives in many ways.  Information is easier to find, shopping can be done without leaving the comfort of our home or office and the way jobs are advertised and applied for has changed dramatically.

Mature aged people living in most big cities would remember the old Saturday newspapers filled with real estate and job ads that were so big and heavy they were a challenge to carry home.  With the exception of some education and Government sector job vacancies most are now are posted online on sites like ours.

One of the challenges this has created for recruiters and employers is the sheer volume of applications they receive for some job vacancies.  It is much easier to tick a link which says “Apply Now” than writing hard copy application, making it look nice and then posting it.  One Recruiter we spoke to recently received 138 applications and 80 phone calls for a job in just three days before taking the ad down.  It is not unusual for employers and recruiters to receive many thousands of applications for some jobs.

Making sure you stand out from other applicants is therefore critical.

Think about it from the Employer’s or Recruiter’s point of view.  They need to whittle down all those applications to a shortlist of perhaps a handful for interviews.   The first thing they will do is to eliminate all those applications that don’t have a covering letter or CV/Resume.  Then they will scan the covering letter and/or CV/Resume.  If the covering letter or opening couple of paragraphs of your CV/Resume doesn’t grab their attention it will also be eliminated.  They are ruthless.  They have to be to get through the volume of applications they receive.

Our message is very clear.  If you want to have the slightest chance of getting through the first round of eliminations, make sure you submit a covering letter tailored to the job you are applying for and have an up to date CV/Resume.   If you apply for a job by clicking the “Apply Now” link on our website or of others and you don’t have a CV/Resume loaded, the chances of you getting to the interview stage or getting the job are virtually non-existent.