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GWM Water – Project

GWMWater, Wimmera Mallee Pipeline P

GWM Water – Project

Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project

The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project was one of the largest water infrastructure projects in Australia, replacing 17,500 kilometres of inefficient open channels with 9,159 kilometres of rural pipeline.
Construction of this great engineering feat commenced in November 2006 with the last pipe being laid in April 2010, well ahead of the 10 year timeframe originally proposed and within the $688 million project budget. The pipeline was officially opened by then Premier of Victoria, John Brumby and then Minister for Water, Tim Holding, on 15 April 2010.

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“I worked with Rosaly in 2006/2007 on the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project, where Rosaly was a document controller for the project team. Rosaly always demonstrated a highly professional attitude to her work and her skills as a document controller were innovative and exemplary.
Rosaly’s attitude to her work and her colleagues showed the highest professionalism, but with humour and a good nature.
I am happy to recommend Rosaly to you as I know that as a high achiever she will always give her best to fulfill her duties in a manner that gives the best to her colleagues and makes it a pleasure to work with her.”
“I was part of the interview panel when Rose applied for a Document Controller role at GWMWater. When we interviewed her, she appeared to be someone who would be very dedicated to her work. She certainly lived up to that expectation and more. Rose is very thorough leaving no stone unturned and would look for ways to improve the work environment she was in. She was always willing to learn new methods and systems whether it was offered or she initiated. Rose is certainly an asset to any company she works with.”
“I worked with Rose on the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project. I found Rose to be organised, efficient and always ready to assist. Rose has developed a good understanding of document management systems and their importance to an organisation’s corporate memory.”
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