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Testimonial – Theonie Roussianos


[ 14 October 2018 ]

Data Entry

On The Right Foot, Testimonial, DOES BizHave you ever had a task that has to get done before you can move forward in your business, however, the very thought of that task makes you feel overwhelmed, a little annoyed and perhaps even fatigued at the thought? Not necessarily because the task itself is tedious, but it’s the stuff that has to happen at the back end of your business before all the fun stuff can happen!
Adaire Palmer and I have had the most amazing experience working with Rose Davidson of DOES Rosaly S Davidson. She really has taken the monotony of what we HAVE to do and made it fun for us. The added bonus, we have made a new friend in the process. It doesn’t get any better!
While Rose has been busy cataloguing shoes for the back end of the website for So Totally Should (#sotosh), we have been able to handle photos and other fun stuff.
Thank you, Rose! There’s much more to your business than cataloguing shoes, but that’s what we need right now and you have been an absolute gift from the Universe.