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Andrew Eggelton, Rose Davidson, DOESBiz, Public SpeakingAs the date drew closer to my first speaking engagement in more than … almost forever, I was reminded by a friend (a wise man indeed); a Public Speaking/Presenting Coach; that ‘failure’ IS an option and that no one is perfect.
It is OKAY to make mistakes. It is OKAY to ‘fail’ because with ‘failure’ brings achievement, it brings knowledge, it brings you a step closer to ‘greatness’.
But me, make mistakes?? Scary stuff!! I tend to ‘beat myself up’ when this happens.
You see, I am a perfectionist (I even use a ruler or measuring tape when planting) when it comes to all things admin and I find the thought of speaking in public daunting. Because of my ‘perfectionist’ mindset, ‘failure’ or ‘making mistakes’ to me is just that, a failure, a mistake that is best forgotten and not repeated.
In this Country we are all given a ‘voice’, a chance to ‘have our say’ and we often do so with or to our peers, so why is getting up in front of a bunch of strangers or a larger group of people, promoting our ‘zone of genius’, seem so frightening? Why is the thought of being a ‘failure’ unnerve us so much?
Is it the fear of being judged, not appearing to be an authority, a thought leader, or an expert in your field?
We have all seen those that seemingly speak with grace and ease and wonder, “Why does it seem so easy for them?” “Why can’t be we be just like them?”
Those very same people have been just where you are now; unsure, fearful, nervous, aspiring.
In the words of that same wise man:
  • “Just be you”.
  • “Storytelling is the deliberate choice of the journey you’re going to take your audience on, presenting, storytelling is an art.”
  • “Find your story, spend the time to nurture it and understand its amazing gift.”
Stop being afraid. Stop worrying about being a ‘failure’. Stop worrying about what others think. Treat your public speaking as an art, something to be admired.

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