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Surviving as a Mum in Business

Surviving as a Mum in Business The following article has been published on the website of Business Business Business My kids are all grown up now;  a daughter 31, a son 28 and a daughter 27. They all work and support themselves. They have all moved out of the home, and they all take the...
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BUSINESS LOANS and GRANTS FOR WOMEN – AUSTRALIA Have you found that being a woman running her own business a little more difficult when it comes time to secure a business loan? According to Leigh O’Neill, executive general manager of Business Direct and Small Business at NAB, it is clear there are still “gender-based challenges for women...
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The role of resilience in the workplace

The role of resilience in the workplace While it’s good to be able to manage stress and hostile situations, if your workplace is putting a strain on your mental health then resilience may not be the only answer. We spend a third of our day at work so we need to be able to identify...
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COMMUNICATION AND INTERPERSONAL SKILLS It is always important to be transparent in your dealings with others. Sometimes however, what you think you are doing or saying for the right reasons can often be misconstrued. Let’s take for example a text, a Facebook message, a letter, or email. What you say, with all good intention, may...
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8 ways SMBs can improve their marketing campaigns

Whether it’s through email, social media, phone call, cloud, or in person, changing technologies have created an overwhelming array of opportunities for businesses to grow and reach consumers. More than that, there is a mounting chorus of people and blog posts talking about the necessity of marketing analytics. By  Salesforce – July 27, 2018 For a small...
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Business with Baby

Resuming business after having a baby was always going to be a challenge. [ By Jacqui Pryor ] Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s been about six months since I wrote about preparing my business for having a baby. So where’s that time gone? Well, I spent three months after that article still pregnant and waiting for baby...
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As the date drew closer to my first speaking engagement in more than … almost forever, I was reminded by a friend (a wise man indeed); a Public Speaking/Presenting Coach; that ‘failure’ IS an option and that no one is perfect. It is OKAY to make mistakes. It is OKAY to ‘fail’ because with ‘failure’...
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Mums today are not only undervalued and misunderstood

Mums today are not only undervalued and misunderstood, they are totally overwhelmed. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see a mum start a business from their own home and take control of their financial future. Research undertaken has found that women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men, often part-time while raising children....
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