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Website Design

Kaboompics Newsletter 01-2018_8, Website, Design, DoesBizIsn’t it time for you to grow your business and think about getting a website?


Are you cringing at the thought of building the landing page yourself?
Are you technically challenged?
Perhaps time is not your friend, or you are thinking that it will be too expensive.
A beautiful website is a piece of art. Unfortunately, most businesses are not interested in purchasing art. They are looking for results in the form of returns on their investment and increased customer satisfaction.


Here are some specific benefits that a website will give to your business:
→  Trackable metrics
  Personalised image
→  Targeted advertising
→  Enhanced productivity


Your business could carry out the following:
→  Bill payments
→  Subscription options
→  Content management
  Newsletter registrations


By having your landing page professionally designed, the above IS possible.


It is the client’s responsibility to make sure that they have:
→  a web address
→  a web host
→  a template (unless using a free one from WordPress)



Basic Package - Front Page

AUD $160

This will include:

Using the template of your choice

Placing your logo

Placing social media and contact info

Designing your menu

Adding graphics and content

Adding details to the footer


T&C’s Payments

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Intermediate - 1 to 3 pages

AUD $480


Includes the Basic Package PLUS:

2 additional pages of your choice

Addition of content to 2 pages including an ‘About’ or Bio page





T&C’s Payments

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Full Site - Up to 10 Pages

AUD $1600


Includes the Basic Package PLUS:

Downloading of up to 5 plug-ins of your choice

SEO of pages

Addition of content to pages





T&C’s Payments

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Rates are applicable as at 23 October 2018 and are subject to change without notice.