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Deluxe Package for Online Workshops and Webinars

Presentations with Style and Impact

Imagine that you’re at one of your workshops. 
You’re in the front of the room, in your element, with a sea of expectant faces looking up at you and they’re hanging on your every word. 
You can read their expressions, you’re looking at their body language and you instinctively know what you need to tweak and adjust throughout your presentation.
All of a sudden, that’s all gone. 
All you’ve got in front of you is a blank screen.
There’s just you and your PowerPoint and an audience you hope is watching and not multi-tasking on their phone and Facebook while they’re at your online event.
How are you going to cope with that? 
How do you transition from being on stage and having that constant feedback boosting your confidence to suddenly being in front of a blank screen with nothing coming back at you?
It doesn’t have to as hard as you think.
Your business will continue through this current crisis and will come out the end, bigger and better than before.
All you need is someone who has done it all before to show you the way.
To coordinate it all, set it up and point you in the right direction.

Deluxe Package for Online Workshops and Webinars

30-minute Discovery Call
Up to 40 slides with speaker’s notes
Up to 5 reviews
Animation of slides
Signature template with a completed style
30 days of social media post templates (some with video)
Create a sign-up form
Create a feedback form
30-minute call – Help with the structure of your presentation – content and self-presentation


Call to explain the process
Set up the event online
Marketing – intro video
Set up Zoom
Marketing plan
Create marketing materials
Condense current slide deck

Book Me In!


Set up the online event
Marketing – intro video
Create marketing materials
Condense current slide deck
Rates are applicable as at 14 April 2020 and are subject to change without notice.