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The Remote Workers’ Toolkit

The Remote Workers’ Toolkit

The Remote Workers’ ToolkitEveryone could use a good productivity tool or two. If you’re a carpenter, you need a hammer and nails. Painters couldn’t get their job done without a paintbrush. And if you’re a remote worker or a freelancer, an internet connection and the software you need to stay productive are equally crucial. They can make the difference between wasting hours on a task versus getting it done as simply and as efficiently as possible—especially when there’s no IT team to ask for help and you work largely unmanaged.
Every day, there are more web, mobile, and desktop apps, as well as gadgets, designed to help remote workers and the self-­employed—and they’re getting better all the time. Technology changes so fast, but some things remain the same. You’ll always need fast internet, communication tools, and a handful of other apps to stay productive.
Here are the categories of apps and tools you’ll likely need, with some recommendations based on popular tools remote workers use.
Let’s find your next productivity tool for your virtual office arsenal.


NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, the apps and tools here are free or have at least a free version.
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