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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

Finding My Niche

Sometimes finding your niche is no easy task.

It took me quite some time when really it was staring me in the face all along.

I started my business wanting to be a Virtual Assistant (VA), but realised after conversations with others in the field, I was more than that.

I wanted to help ‘manage’ someone’s business, so changed my focus to becoming an Online Business Manager (OBM).

And my niche??

Female entrepreneurs of course!

How many ‘hats’ do they wear honestly?

I realised that I could help them grow their business and let them have more ‘me / family / leisure time’ by doing their boring admin tasks so they weren’t staying up until ‘stupid o’clock’ every night.

I have a varied work background, having worked in both the public and private sectors during my 57 years on this planet; from Customs Officer, PA, Document Controller, and Receptionist.

I have my own business presently; DOES (Document and Office Efficiency Services).

I started this business because I am passionate about helping others and because, after owning a busy retail food business for 10 years and struggling through some very difficult circumstances, I wanted to help others from making the mistakes I did.

The mistakes of working IN my business doing all those horrible admin tasks; payroll, BAS, writing policies and procedures, making flyers, business cards, etc., and not having a Business Plan, Marketing Plan, or Financial Plan.

Along with working part time in the business, going to TAFE (twice), working full time (for nine years) outside the business in paid employment, and trying to raise three children (when I had the time to be with them), and raise a husband, I had no work/life balance. I became burnt out. I hardly saw my children, had very little time for me, had very few breaks away; as in holidays; and my family suffered.

So, are you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed by all that there is to do inside your business when you could be working on your business?

Do you try to find the time to eat lunch, even in the car between appointments? Have you lost the details or business card for a potential client, or taken half the day to draft that perfect email?

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time for YOU? Wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time with your family and friends?

I offer online business support for those tasks that a you may find tedious or overwhelming.

This may be ‘prettying up’ your forms, making a PowerPoint presentation; which can be made into a video if required, basic bookkeeping, keeping your policies, procedures, and processes up to date and using flowcharts.

Call me for a chat.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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