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Surviving as a Mum in Business

Surviving as a Mum in Business The following article has been published on the website of Business Business Business My kids are all grown up now;  a daughter 31, a son 28 and a daughter 27. They all work and...
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COMMUNICATION AND INTERPERSONAL SKILLS It is always important to be transparent in your dealings with others. Sometimes however, what you think you are doing or saying for the right reasons can often be misconstrued. Let’s take for example a text,...
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As the date drew closer to my first speaking engagement in more than … almost forever, I was reminded by a friend (a wise man indeed); a Public Speaking/Presenting Coach; that ‘failure’ IS an option and that no one is...
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I have always found it useful to use lists. In fact I am an avid list keeper because sometimes I get sidetracked. I was introduced to a useful free Android APP for my phone. I use it for my shopping...
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Finding My Niche

Sometimes finding your niche is no easy task. It took me quite some time when really it was staring me in the face all along. I started my business wanting to be a Virtual Assistant (VA), but realised after conversations...
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Protect Your Email Address

I am a great believer in, ‘you don’t and won’t ever get something for nothing’. You need to either work for it or pay for it in one way or another; financially or emotionally. Nothing is free. As good as...
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Welcome to my first blog

Thursday 27 April 2017 Someone asked me a question about why I wanted to start my business. I couldn’t answer the question at the time in a way that sounded even remotely plausible. It sounded like I did not believe...
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