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Are Your Downloaded Images Safe from Copyright?



I came upon a case today where someone had downloaded an image to a page on their website some months ago only to receive an Infringement Notice for breach of copyright.

Intellectual Property (IP) is an important thing, and any breach of someone’s IP is a no-no; we wouldn’t use someone else’s words on our site without asking permission but we don’t often think to ask about using an image; however, if an image is found via a search, one would think that it was free to use unless it was watermarked or when downloading the image, you were requested to pay a licence fee for its use.

In this case, not so. And no warning was received prior to the Infringement Notice either.

So, my question is this. How do we keep ourselves safe from using copyrighted images?

Steps to resolving the problem:
  1. Beware of your obligation as a Business Owner (Australian Copyright Council)
  2. Use an appropriate ‘free image’ site, i.e.
  1. If using ‘Google Images’ follow these simple steps:
  • ‘Click’ on TOOLS










  • Then ‘click’ on USER RIGHTS and ‘check’ the appropriate place










Here are some great articles if you have ever received and Infringement Notice for using a Getty Image.
  1. Getting Harassed by Getty’s Copyright Infringement Demands
  2. Tips for Responding to Getty Images Demands
  3. Copyright Infringement Notice from Getty Images
Happy Searching.