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Katerina Lenarcic (Be Your True Self – Katerina) – Video

Facebook Business Page Cover Video

I created this Facebook Business Page Cover Video on the 07 February 2018 for Katerina Lenarcic of Be Your True Self – Katerina
Katerina is The Blue Diamond Light that guides you to understand and navigate your own Energetic GPS for your everyday life. So far, my journey has taken 23 years of commitment and love for my own Divine Right as a Human Being. My Connections to my Higher Self and Spiritual family is my greatest strength and companion. I know you can have the SAME Connections with Your Family of Light and Higher Self.
Connected to:
  • Blue Diamond Flame of Sirius & Avians
  • Angelic World
  • Celestial connections
  • Royal Council of Light of the Galactic Federation
  • Source, Spirit World and more
Her tools:
  • Light Language Specialist and Translator,
  • Akashic librarian – Connection to your Forgotten Knowledge
  • Evolutionary Growth of Self – Coach and Mentor
  • Spiritual Healing – Shadow work and removal of Energetic Implants from your Chakra system
  • Alchemist – Transmutation of Dark to Light
  • Psychic Medium and Channel
  • Qualified Life Coach