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Katerina Lenarcic (Be Your True Self – Katerina) – Flyer

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I created this Flyer for a recent Psychic Fair on the 07 February 2018 for Katerina Lenarcic.
Katerina is an Intuitive Holistic Life Mentor and Coach, Psychic / Medium / Spiritual Healer & Light Language Practitioner.
“Its all about creating intentions that will help you to create Successful outcomes.
As a Spiritual Healer & Holistic Life Coach and with my intuitive abilities and connections to spirit I can help you in creating an understanding of Your True Self. I assist you in creating goals and understanding of how you feel about your everyday living. I can give you a safe place to explore and rediscover all you need so you can create tools to assist you in moving forward with a greater understanding and confidence.
Having a mentor in your life is a rewarding experience, just being able to have someone to talk to can change your life for the better, wouldn’t you agree?
With your courage and determination you are able to accomplish what you feel is impossible :
“Everything is Possible and Nothing is Impossible”. I am able to be your guiding light in matters of your Spiritual Self and that is an adventure I truly recommend. My connections to Higher Consciousness of the Angelic World , we will give you channeled information that is of love and support and once you have cleared some of your space from negative energy then i will be able teach you how to communicate with your own family of light. That in itself will expand your world and bring you much joy and balance. I love watching my clients become confident and happy people who are proud of their accomplishments and who feel happy about there own Self Worth and Self Love.”