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Presentations with Style and Impact

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What makes a PowerPoint presentation effective?  Why are some PowerPoint presentations described as being highly engaging, others often referred to as “death by PowerPoint”?
The design you adopt when using PowerPoint is vital. Your PowerPoint presentation will shape how your content is received.  PowerPoint is an important tool that, when used correctly. It has been scientifically proven to increase the power of a message.  However, the problem lies in the fact that PowerPoint is rarely used properly.

Hello, I’m Rose Davidson, founder of DOES Biz.

I create PowerPoint presentations that have style and will have an impact on your audience. A large part of your presentation comes down to your PowerPoint. It can have a huge impact on the way that you present and the impact that your talk is having.
If you are looking to move up to the next level and increase the number of speaking engagements this year, I have 5 easy ways that you can use TODAY to make your presentation POP and stop your audience from going to sleep.

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5 EASY WAYS TO MAKE YOUR POWERPOINT PRESENTATION POP – and keep your audience riveted and wide-awake right to the end

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About, Rose Davidson, DOES Biz, Small Business, Female Entrepreneurs, Virtual Assistant, Office Manager, Social Media, PowerPoint, Presentations with Style and Impact, VideoABOUT ROSE

I am a young at heart, ‘no-nonsense’, no ‘fluff’ lady, married with 3 grown-up children.
Since migrating from Canada at the age of 12, I have had the opportunity to live in all states of Australia except Western Australia. My travels have allowed me to gain a broad experience in my extensive career. With more than 35 years of experience in high-level admin roles; both in the public and private sector; my career portfolio spans federal government, sporting organisations and small business ownership.
Tiring of the corporate world in 2014, I started my business, DOES Biz, in 2015, promoting the admin services that I could provide female entrepreneurs, however, this did not light me up. There is only so much that you can do with a piece of paper. In 2020, I changed the focus of my business as my passion lies in being visually creative and I now offer services that fulfil this passion to speakers, trainers, workshop facilitators etc.
About, Volunteer, Rose Davidson, DOES Biz, Administrative & Office Support Services for Small Business, Adelaide, South Australia, Virtual Assistant, Office Manager, Social MediaAs an advocate for social justice and an avid campaigner against all forms of abuse, I am passionate about equality and justice for all and I have volunteered my time at several organisations including:
  • President ofHealing Through Love South Australia and Tasmania; whose vision is to shift the awareness of domestic and family violence within the community and to support survivors; 
  • Former Secretary of FADVAN (Family and Domestic Violence Advocacy Network);
  • UN Women (International Women’s Day Co-Event Coordinator);
  • Oasis Wimmera (Immigrant Support Group – Board Member and Event Coordinator);
  • Rotary Club of Horsham (Vic) – Board Member-elect (Fundraising).


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Presentations with Style and Impact


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