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Small Business Administrative & Office Support Services

I look after your admin tasks, so you can look after your business


As an administration specialist providing support to small business, I am passionate about helping business owners complete the tasks they often procrastinate over because they find them tedious or boring.
Delayed administrative tasks can lead to lost business opportunities, lost income, trouble with regulators, and more.
Completed admin allows you the freedom to grow your business, grow your profits and spend time with family and friends.

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My Mission?

To help business owners do more of what they love. Most business owners get swamped with admin as the business grows. I want to liberate you. Free you from the day-to-day admin that slows you down. Allow you to focus on what you love – growing your business.



Do you want to find a balance between work and family?

Are ready to find some freedom from your business without feeling guilty?

If the voice in your head is telling you that it’s about time you took your business to the next level…

…why not try me out for yourself by giving me a small task to complete before you commit to any program.*

Start TODAY!

*Terms and Conditions Apply


Overwhelm, DOESBiz, PackagesDo you want to have someone else do all those tedious or boring administration tasks?

 Would you like to get on with growing your business?

Are you feeling like you are a member of the Insomnia Club?


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Are you running your businesses without being ‘organised’; cannot find that invoice, business card, or client details.
Does your email inbox need organising?
Do you spend far too much time working IN your business and not working ON your business because you are always trying to get through your admin tasks?
And DO NOT get me started on work/life balance!! I get it! I understand because I certainly have been there!
Having no work/life balance is painful, it’s overwhelming, it’s guilt-ridden, and it IS NOT healthy!
My goal is to collaborate with you and your business with its administration and other needs either virtually or in-house.
You do not have to be forced into the insomnia club because you have to get through a mountain of paperwork and other admin work to make sure your business runs smoothly. With admin support services for small businesses from Does Biz, I guarantee that your business will run in an efficient, cost-effective and professional way, through effortlessly streamlining and centralising your business process so you focus on your core goals.
I understand that as you focus on the growth of your business it is easy to forget the intricate administration details that help your business run smoothly. Over the years I have perfected and mastered my small business administrative services that are specifically for ensuring that all the administrative i’s are dotted, and the t’s are crossed. I take pride in my world-class services that can be tailored to suit your specific administrative needs and affordable to suit any type of budget without compromising on quality.



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