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Tired of spending endless hours posting on social media?
Ever thought about outsourcing this task?
Here is your chance!


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Are you a woman or a mum in business who is so busy making a living that you feel you have no life apart from work?

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Have you been in business for a while and are now ready to outsource your admin tasks because you can’t serve the clients that you want to?

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Are you ready to learn how you can achieve your work/life balance?

Are you feeling challenged and pressured between juggling your business and your family commitments?

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In a 30 minutes conversation we can discuss how to get at least an extra 10 hours back in a week to spend with the family.

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DOES Biz offering affordable, effective, and efficient solutions to your admin needs by helping you get your back office sorted and allowing you the freedom (whatever that is for you) to enhance your business growth and generate an increase to your bottom line.

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Messy Desk, Admin, DOES Biz, Administrative Support for Small BusinessAre you tired of spending too much time doing your admin tasks?


Are you feeling frustrated and stressed because your business is growing and you feel like you are constantly attached to your computer all the time and can’t serve the clients that you want to?


Would you like to have more freedom from your business without feeling guilty?


Need more time with your family?


Are you looking for a solution?


If admin tasks are NOT your ‘Zone of Genius’




Admin, Specialist, DOESBiz, Administrative Support for Small BusinessPaperwork and other tasks can take up so much of a business owners time. DOES Biz provides affordable, effective, and efficient administrative services and solutions to sole traders and small businesses like you; both virtually and on-site; giving you the freedom to enhance your business growth and generate an increase to your bottom line. You can relax knowing your business is in safe hands.
Special rates are available for new clients.


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In a 30 minutes conversation, we can discuss how you could get more time to spend away from your business.



Administrative Support for Small Business

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My Services


Online Management (Hour Based)

Social Media & Content Management

Proofreading / Formatting / Editing

WordPress Website Design

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Administrative Support for Small Business

* WordPress website design
* Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram page/profile creation
* Social media (content) management
* Proofread, edit, format documents, emails, blogs etc.
* Form & document creation including spreadsheet creation & formatting
* ACCESS database creation
* Document control & management
* Data entry
* Advise you on your processes
* Assist with HR Management
* Tidy documents and filing systems
* Create procedures and include flowcharts

Online Management

Don’t have the office space, supplies, or equipment for someone to come INTO your business?


An Online Manager (OM) is a self-employed business operator providing professional administrative, secretarial, and minor technical help, from a home office, saving you money on office space and setup.

Content (Social Media) Management

Collaborating with your business to oversee the content presented on websites and blogs.

Taking responsibility for creating, editing, posting, updating, and occasionally cleaning up outdated content.

What is a Content (Social Media) Manager?

A content manager is someone who oversees the content presented on websites and blogs, and may also be responsible for creating, editing, posting, updating, and occasionally cleaning up outdated content.

What do they do?

A content manager’s job involves researching, sourcing, writing and editing interesting content to be published for members and readers.

Proofreading / Formatting / Editing Documents

DOES believes in transparency, which is why, when it comes to pricing, there are no hidden costs.

DOES charges per word, for both proofreading, formatting, and editing services of all types of documents, e.g.:

emails, blogs, articles, essays, etc.

Documents can be either hard or soft copies. An extra charge for postage of hard copies will apply.

WordPress Website Design

Has your business growth prompted you to think about getting a website?

Are you cringing at the thought of building the landing page yourself?

Are you technically challenged?

Perhaps time is not your friend, or you are thinking that it will be too expensive.

A beautiful website is a piece of art. Unfortunately, most businesses are not interested in purchasing art. They are looking for results in the form of returns on their investment and increased customer satisfaction.

If you would like to have a chat about how I can create for you a ‘piece of art’ and all the tech set-up, contact me at to book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Session to find out if my services are a good fit for you.

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Book a FREE 30 minute chat with me to talk about your current situation, and we can discuss if working with me will be a good fit for you!

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