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T&C’s Payments


  1. Payment terms are strictly 14 days from date of invoice.
  2. There will be a 1.5% interest charge per 14 day period on late invoices.
  3. Packages DO NOT include GST.
  4. Fees and charges are in Australian dollars.
  5. Packages are pre-paid and require up-front payment for the day, week or month. Pre-paid packages are non-refundable.
  6. Tax Invoices will be generated at the end of each week or month, depending on your package.
  7. Any unused hours are transferred to the next day or month (maximum of 2 hours only).
  8. Anything over and above the nominated package will be charged at the discounted hourly rate of AUD$23.00.
  9. The client will be notified each week or month, by email, about how many hours are remaining.
  10. Twenty-eight (28) days’ notice is required for cancellation of retainer by client.
  11. Additional costs such as postage, printing etc. will be invoiced to the client at the end of each week or month (depending on your package) with payment to be made fourteen (14) days from date of invoice.
  12. DOES will not take responsibility for deadlines not met which may see the client being the reason for the delay.

This page and these policies were created July 2015.

Updated 04 May 2017